Radiance Update

I noticed recently that the Radiance plugin had a few problems, so I thought I ought to do something to fix it. The new version is now on release and available for download on the Downloads page of the main site. The highlights of this release are:
– Odd image corruption at extreme settings fixed
– Choice of “high key” or “low key” modes – formerly “low key” was the only option
– A much faster Gaussian blur algorithm will make the filter render much faster

Your mileage may vary on that last point – please let me know how it goes!

Metagrad Update

As part of the changeover from shareware to donationware, the Metagrad, Conditioner, Refiner and Quasar plugins were given a quick and simple rebuild to remove the shareware limitations and make them more fully compatible with current host programs. Labelled as Version 2015.1, those were intended only as an interim stop-gap release – a way to get the Xero site moving again quickly.

Now it’s time for some more substantial updates! Metagrad has been refactored and given a re-designed UI that allows the whole dialog to be resized, and one or two other quirks have been ironed out. There will be further updates to Metagrad later in the year, but in the meantime I’m working on Conditioner. Expect a major update for that one in the near future!